how to grow your facebook page organically

How To Grow Your Facebook Page Organically

When you run your own small business, the key to success lies in making yourself visible to your target audience at the right time. In an era where consumers are growing more and more fickle, it’s increasingly important to help them build a personal relationship with your brand. And in the digital era, that means engaging them on the right social platforms. Many small businesses have their own Facebook pages, but not all know how to grow a Facebook page organically in a way that leads to a range of loyal repeat customers. Here we’ll look at some tips for how to grow your business’ Facebook page organically and potentially bring more traffic to your website.

how to grow your facebook page organically

Do I need to grow my page organically? Can’t I just use PPC?

Many nascent small businesses assume that Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising alone is enough to bring Facebook users within their target audience to their page (and their business) in droves. But the truth is that while PPC can be a useful opening salvo for your Facebook page, the momentum that it generates invariably fizzles out if it’s not backed by efforts to grow the page’s following organically. 

With that in mind, whether you choose to use PPC to get the ball rolling, here are some useful strategies for getting the kind of meaningful engagement that leads to organic growth…

Post consistently… But don’t overdo it

Your followers want consistent content from you. If they’re not getting that, they have little reason to follow you. So, it’s important that you post consistently… But how much is too much? Is it possible to overdo it? Actually, it’s easier than you’d think to post too much.

Hubspot found that pages with less than 10,000 followers experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they made more than one post per day. So, what’s the sweet spot? Once a day should be your maximum but at a minimum, you should post to your Facebook page 3 times a week.

Post content that’s of value to your target audience

As well as thinking hard about when you post, you should also think about what you post. Try and keep your sales posts to a minimum. If you have a special offer that you know your target audience won’t want to miss, that’s fine. But your target audience likely won’t want to follow pages that are just trying to sell to them all the time. Consider sticking to an 80/20 or 70/30 ratio, depending on your niche. For example, posting 70% of posts that deliver value and 30% of posts that are promotional. You should also avoid using words like “buy”, “free”, “share” or “like” or anything that demands users take a certain action. Facebook’s search algorithms don’t take kindly to them. 

Your content should be enjoyable or useful for them to consume. It should make them smile or give them something to enjoy on their coffee break. Or it should help them to solve a problem that they encounter regularly. Facebook favours content that keeps users on Facebook so be wary of posting too many external links. Your content should encourage users to engage not just by liking but by leaving a comment and sharing your content with others. 

grow my Facebook page

Post content that lends itself to sharing/virality

On the subject of sharing, if you can find a way to encourage users to share your content with their peers, that’s a great way of growing your reach. Competitions, giveaways and quizzes are all great ways of leveraging virality in your post but really getting to know your audience and sharing content that resonates with them means the higher chance of a post being shared. The more you can give users something for nothing, the more appealing you’ll be to their networks. 

Use the invite function

Finally, growing your business starts at home. Don’t forget that in your contacts list are a legion of people who like you and are thus predisposed to like your business. So don’t be afraid to use the invite function to invite your friends, family and peers to like your business page. Lastly, don’t forget to use the invite function on posts. Click on the people who have reacted to your post and click the invite button next to anyone who doesn’t like your page yet. 

If you’re unsure of how to grow your Facebook page organically, this is a great starting point. 




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