Understanding Facebook’s Algorithm and How To Use It to Grow Your Business in 2021

Facebook is where multiple people connect and share different kinds of content, particularly as a way to ‘switch off’.  When such a powerful platform is used wisely, you can use it to grow your business

More than 66% of people using Facebook follow brands and business they like and trust. Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to build trust with your audience, provide them with content that addresses their pain points and, keep them up-to-date about your business now and then.

If you’re using Facebook for your business but you’re not getting the reach and engagement you’d hoped for, there are some tips in this article that might help. In this article, I’ll discuss How Facebook’s algorithm works and how you can use it to Grow Your Business.” 

Facebook’s Algorithm and How To Use It to Grow Your Business

What is an Algorithm, and Why Does Facebook use it?

An Algorithm is a set of rules that defines any sequence or a sequence of operations.

Facebook uses an algorithm to control the ordering and presentation of the posts you see in your news feed.

Facebook’s algorithm ensures that users see what is most relevant to them. If organic posts and ads posted on Facebook are not relevant to users, users will not use the platform, and Facebook most certainly doesn’t want that to happen.

Why Understanding the Algorithm is Important for you?

If you’re spending time creating and posting content, but it’s not reaching your target audience, then it’s likely you feel as though it’s a waste of time and money.  Here are some tips and tricks to boost your content engagement and reach a wider audience without losing your target niche.

7 Actionable Strategies To Outsmart Facebook Algorithm &
Gain More Audience For Your Business!

1. Time Your Posts Perfectly!

The Facebook algorithm gives priority to such posts that receive engagement a short time after posting.

If you time your posts perfectly, you’ll receive some initial engagement, and then Facebook’s algorithm will boost its reach and engagement even more.

Check your Facebook page insights to see when most of your audience are active.

2. Create Video Content  

Create Video Content  

Video content tends to perform significantly better than images.

As the proverb says: “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,” But Facebook’s Algorithm “A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures” Hyperbole intended.

A study conducted by Facebook revealed that video content drives more traffic and engagement than any other type of content. Maybe it’s time to change your strategy?

And remember, a video doesn’t have to be a professional production. People love behind the scenes, real stuff. Try doing Facebook lives, try taking videos with your phone behind the scenes while on the job. People want to see and hear the real you.

3. Try Not To Use Any External Links in Your Caption 

Facebook doesn’t want users to leave its platform. So when you link out to an external site like your website or even YouTube, you’re doing exactly what Facebook doesn’t want you to do. By doing so, you’ll get minimal reach and engagement.

Link out sparingly and if you need to, try adding the link in the comment section.

4. Ask Questions

Asking a question is a smarter way to gain engagement. While posting content, try to frame a caption in a way that you’re asking something from readers.

But don’t simply ask things like, “Like our page” or “Please Tag Your Friends.” This is called engagement bait, and by using these sort of captions, Facebook will consider your post spammy and, well, your engagement will fall off a cliff.

Get creative while writing such captions. Use captions that can initiate a discussion, just like you would have in person. An example is, “How do you feel about cold calling?”

5. Make Unique Content

Make Unique Content

Yep, making unique content every time is pretty tough, and that’s why we offer a content creation service. But, there are hacks to cut that time down.

Consider content repurposing. If you already have a library of blog posts, Facebook videos, old social posts, reports or case studies, you’re sitting on a gold mine. You can turn snippets of this content into multiple posts – images, quotes, quick slide videos, Facebook lives. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Craft a unique description/caption for the repurposed content, schedule it, and you’re done.

Still a little overwhelming? Make it easier by allocating a theme for each day/post to help you determine which content you need and which content goes where. One day might be a promo post, and another might be an authority post sharing your expertise, another day could be a humour day, and so on.

But unique content won’t be engaging if it doesn’t speak to people. Try sharing stories with your audience, but not about you. It has to be about them. It has to help them with something, help solve a pain point.

6. Track Your Performance Through Facebook’s Insights Tool  

You can track your previous posts by getting relevant information from your insights tool. You can perform an analysis and check what type of content is performing better.

7. Create a Group   

If you have followers on your business page, invite them to your Facebook group.

Creating a group is a proven way to keep your target audience engaged, and you can even get some extra leads or sales.

8. Avoid too many tags

We’ve seen that tagging too many people or pages in a post can make a post flop. Try to keep tagging to an absolute minimum because the Facebook algorithm tends to see this type of post as promotional.

9. Prime your news-feed!

You’ve got to prime your newsfeed! What does this mean? It means that you should regularly engage on your newsfeed. Spend time on posts, reacting and comment genuinely. Why would Facebook show your page posts to other people if you’re not reciprocating on the other end? And don’t be lazy and click the like button. Change up your reactions with things like the heart, care, wow, and so on.

10. Read your news-feed like a book

Look at Facebook’s name. The keyword is ‘book’, which is how users should treat it. If you scroll through your feed and like posts without reading them, it goes against Facebook’s purpose. When you like seven posts in five minutes, that would typically take someone about 15 minutes to read properly, Facebook knows.  When you take the short cuts, this hurts engagement and reach for pages. So dedicate the time to read Facebook like a book.

When it comes to creating successful content for Facebook, remember. Don’t just create content to sell; create content to solve problems!


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