Digital Marketing Coaching Packages

We’re in unprecedented times and as a small business, we’re feeling it and we know you are too.

It’s in these times that small and medium businesses are prioritising like never before, and are beginning to face the realities of DIY in areas that are completely unknown.

That’s where Mandala Digital comes in.

We specialise in delivering Social Media Management, Strategy, Content Creation, SEO Copywriting and SEO services but usually, we do it all for you.

But now, given the circumstances, we’ve opened up some coaching packages so that even though you’re DIY’ing your digital marketing, you don’t have to do it alone. The confidence alone that this creates will help propel your business forward.


How coaching can help your business

You don’t like social media but you know your business needs it. You’re not the creative type but you need help creating content for your website and social media.  You’ve got a website but you wouldn’t have a clue how to drive traffic to it. These are just a handful of things we can help you with, you don’t have to do it alone. 

Our coaching sessions will be customised to your needs and might include assistance in creating a strategy, helping you write an SEO optimised blog post or help you determine your target audience and which social media you should be focusing on. These are just a few examples.

It is through our coaching sessions that we want to be able to help you grow the online visibility of your business and be at the top of your audience’s mind instead of throwing your digital marketing into the too hard basket during these tough times.

content marketing coaching

Coaching Options

We don’t want to complicate things, so we have two coaching options you can choose from. 

Coaching covers the following areas – Social Media (up to two platforms), Content Creation & Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation.

The Super 60

1 x hour of coaching

$215 (no GST) $172 (no GST)

20% off until the end of June 2020.


60 minutes jam packed with customised coaching via Zoom on the area of your choice.*

Session recording

Access to a private Facebook Group for 3 months of ongoing support.

‘You Got This’ Coaching Support Package

$420 (no GST)  $336 (no GST)

20% off if you book by the end of June 2020.


1.5 hours of coaching on the areas of your choice*

0.5 hours follow up call

Mini-Audit performed prior to the session and presented to you.

Strategy creation

Session recording

Access to a private Facebook Group for 3 months of ongoing support

Additional 60 minute sessions $110 inc GST.

*You will be given the opportunity to indicate which areas you’d like to cover when you book your session.

Eva has so much knowledge about digital marketing and exactly how it applies to my business – the marketing strategy she provided me is comprehensive and explains the what, how and why so well for everything. You can see that she has taken the time to understand me, my business, my industry and my clientele. Suddenly, I have clarity, a better understanding of digital marketing, a schedule I can follow…and a lot of work to do! And I’m absolutely ok with that because Eva is with me for ride. She is always happy to answer any little questions and gives me feedback on changes that I’ve made with my digital marketing. Her friendly and down to earth support has given me so much confidence and has helped renew my passion for my business! Thank you, Eva!