The Brisbane Building Inspector


About the Campaign

Located on Brisbane’s Bayside, our building inspector client was a start up business that wanted to get word out about their business on a limited budget. The business approached Mandala Digital in October 2019 for help writing copy for their brand new website and for help getting on Google’s radar. 

Campaign Goals

To grow local brand awareness.

To get five (5) bookings a week

To increase organic website traffic and conversions.


Homebuyers interested in Brisbane Bayside

People building Brisbane Bayside and surrounds

People renovating Brisbane Bayside and surrounds

Local Real Estate Agencies


This was an entirely organic campaign which worked to a very small budget. 

Initial Delivery:

–          SEO Copywriting completed for the main pages of the WordPress website.

–          A content plan was developed for blog writing.

–          Google My Business was optimised

–          A keyword strategy was prepared that considered the online competitiveness of the Brisbane building inspection industry.

–          We focused on smaller, longtail keywords in addition to large, competitive ones with the mindset that ranking for many smaller keywords is often better than battling it out for the big ones, particularly in this industry.

–          Quality content that provided value, was key.

Monthly Delivery:

–          Monthly 600 word blog posts to deliver value, build trust and authority, to target keywords and draw visitors to the website. At the time of publishing this case study, the client has three separate blog posts with keywords ranking in the Google top 10.

–          Monthly 600 word guest blog published on a relevant website – to build up a link profile and help with SEO.

–          Monthly onpage and offpage SEO (basic package) – to ensure all pages were fully optimised for SEO, link building, Google My Business Optimisation.


Visibility Trend – Year to Date – 1st January 2019 to 14th September 2020

Estimated Traffic – Year to Date – 1st January 2019 to 14th September 2020

Average Position in Google – Year to Date – 1st January 2019 to 14th September 2020


Traffic – January 2020

176 Page Views

132 Unique Page Views

2:24 Time on Page

Traffic  – August/September 2020

462 Page views

377 Unique Page Views

2:55 Time on page

Google My Business Results

As time progressed, Google My Business proved to be successful. 

Beginning of Contract – November 2019


August/September 2020

As of July and August 2020, the client started to enjoy their best weeks ever. The building inspector smashed his goal of five booked inspections a week,  right in the middle of Covid19. 

“Eva, you know how I said I wanted to get five bookings a week when we first started? We’re now getting nine! Can I change my goal to 15?
Mr Happy
Brisbane Building Inspector

Although the client didn’t have a mechanism set to track phone calls made from his website, he got into the habit of asking how they found his business. Many calls originated from Google search, even via small volume, hyper targeted keywords.

This business continues to climb the ranks in Google for a competitive local industry. Only 9 months after publishing the first piece of content in November 2019, Google Search Console shows that their website ranks for the following:

940 keywords in the top 100

90 in the top 20

38 in the top 10

7 in the top 3.

This case study goes to show that a small scale content and SEO approach that focuses on content that displays expertise, authority and trust, can rank a brand new website in a competitive local industry and achieve conversions, but consistency is key.